Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Knitted Scarves and Lucy

I know it's not really scarf weather right now, but I've received some photos of two scarves I knitted for a friend at Christmas.  I knitted them and gave them to her while I was on vacation, so I forgot to take any photos.  She did me a favor though and took some photos of herself wearing them.  The scarves look almost identical in the photos (she really likes pink) but I promise that they're different!

The first scarf was knitted from a mauve mohair mix.  The yarn feels quite a bit lighter than that in the second scarf.

The second scarf was knitted from a hot pink Red Hearts Bright n' Lofty yarn.  If you look closely you can see that there are bits of other colors mixed in.

I was finally able to bring Lucy to Arizona (here she is hanging out near my computer).  For the past year she's been with my parents in Texas and I missed her so much.  It was quite an ordeal to get her here, though.  She doesn't do car rides well and the one time I had her in a hotel it was a disaster.  So to get it over quickly for her I decided that it would be best if she made the entire 12 hour drive in one day.  My plan was for me to drive half way to my parents house one day, then get a hotel.  Then the next day my parents would leave early with Lucy and meet me at my hotel and we would trade her off.  I would then leave immediately and drive back to Arizona.

That would have been a great plan if I had not overestimated my ability to do that much driving in 2 days.  Everything was fine until I got to the hotel, where I didn't get much sleep (there's also a 2 hour time difference between AZ and TX that confuses things).  I thought I would be okay, but I tried to drive down the street to get gas before my parents arrived and I felt myself starting to nod off within the first couple of blocks.  That was a little worrying!

But my mom and dad came to the rescue.  Once they figured out that I was not fit to drive by myself, my mom agreed to come with me back to Arizona.  It was a long trip, but Lucy and I survived.  Kevin and I took my mom to the airport to fly back to Texas the next day.  I guess it was pretty stupid of me to think I could do that by myself - every other time I've made the trip I've had someone else with me.  I have no future as a trucker!

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