Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"The Office" Party Decorations and Activities: Throw a party themed around the TV show!

As part of (another!) task at, my branch (Ypsilanti) came up with a bunch of printables that can be used by anyone wanting to throw an "Office" themed party. We won the task so I guess our items must be worth something! Here they are:

Jell-O Mold Placecards and Butt-Kisser Game

"The Office" Paper Dolls: Dwight, Michael, Pam, and Jim

Not pictured: Who Said That? "The Office" Quotes Game and our Party Recipes.

- Jell-O Mold Placecards (PDF) To decorate your table.
- The Butt-Kisser Game (PDF) Played like Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey, but with Michael's butt as the donkey and Dwight's lips as the tail!
- Who Said That? "The Office" Quotes Game: Questions (PDF) and Answers (PDF) Quiz yourself or your friends by identifying quotes from "The Office".
- "The Office" Paper Dolls (link) I posted these here before, they can be used as decorations or party favors.
- Party Recipes (link) These were also posted here before, there are 14 party recipes submitted by the members of DMI Ypsilanti.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Chiltepin Plants Update 2

I've been trying to grow some chiltepin plants (a tiny pepper) from seeds taken from a plant that has been growing at my parent's home in Texas for more than 20 years. Unlike most pepper plants, their chiltepin stays alive during the winter so they don't have to re-plant it every year. My goal is to also get a chiltepin to survive year round here at my home in Arizona. I started growing my plants indoors last May and ended up with 31 seedlings (all the seeds were from one tiny pepper, I might add!).

Eventually they started to attract pests so in early fall I moved them outdoors. They grew much faster outside and were just beginning to develop peppers when it started to freeze. I worked hard to cover them up when it got too cold, but I had to leave for two weeks over Christmas and, well, they didn't make it. Since I had been working on them for 8 months I was pretty upset (I have to admit I cried a little). I couldn't bring myself to pull them up and throw them out so they've been sitting in my backyard for two months.

I was making plans to have my mom send me some more seeds when I happened to look at the plants and I was surprised to find that there were tiny green leaves shooting from the bases of many of my "dead" chiltepin plants!

I guess they were just hibernating! The chiltepin seeds can take a month or more to germinate so I was very happy that I didn't have to mess with trying to get them to sprout again. Since I had let them grow too tall while they were inside (they had to be held up by stakes) I decided now would be the best time to prune them a little. Even though they looked pretty dead it was still hard for me to cut them back. I left them all at about 6 inches.

There are still about 1/3 of the chiltepin plants that don't have any new leaves, but the stems of all the plants were green on the inside when I trimmed them so I'm hoping that those will come back too. And as soon as the plants have recovered enough, I'm going to put them in the ground - no more messing around with plastic buckets! Hopefully they'll have enough time this year to make some peppers so I can try cooking with them.

My 31 chiltepin plants, still looking nearly dead

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Monday, March 02, 2009

"The Office" Paper Dolls

"The Office" Paper Dolls - Dwight, Michael, Pam & Jim (Dundie in the background for scale)

My friends at the Ypsilanti branch of Dunder Mifflin Infinity (an online game based on "The Office") recently held a Regional Manager Appreciation Day for me. They even had our "Office" Christmahanukwanzakah poem printed up in a book and sent it to me. Aren't they awesome? :)

As a way to show my appreciation for them, I made these paper dolls based on Dwight, Michael, Pam and Jim from NBC's "The Office."  Well, I guess they're not really paper dolls since you can't change their clothes but I'm not sure what else to call them. Mini standees, maybe? Anyhoo, my friends on DMI really seemed to enjoy them so I thought I would share them with you all. Update: I've added three more dolls with accessories and changeable outfits: Creed Bratton, Kelly Kapoor and Michael Scott with his desk.

Here's how to get the dolls on this page:

1. Open the PDF file containing the paper dolls (see below) and print each page out (the stiffer the paper the better - cardstock would be the best).
2. Cut along the outline of the stand and around each paper doll (you may have to use an X-acto knife to get all the details). Cut two slits in the stand along the lines that say "cut".
3. Fold the stand back along both lines that say "fold" then slide the two slits into each other.
4. Stand the paper doll up. You may have to gently bend the figures and the stand so they'll stand upright.

4 Inch Paper Dolls (PDF)

5.5 Inch Paper Dolls - Michael and Dwight (PDF)

5.5 Inch Paper Dolls - Jim and Pam (PDF)

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any problems downloading the files or printing the dolls. :)

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