Thursday, October 01, 2009

Word Cloud for The Crafty Cattery

A word cloud showing the most used words in my blog

Thanks to Costume Queen for recommending! It lets you make these cool word clouds from your own text or blog. I started out making my word cloud using the Wordle's option to paste in your blog's URL but I found that it only picked up words from my most recent posts. So instead I copied all the text from my blog and then pasted into Wordle's text box.

It looks like "make", "used", and "one" are my most common words with "pattern", "made", "knit" and "stitches" close behind. It also looks like it picked up "sc" and "sts" from my crochet patterns, which I guess makes sense since those abbreviations are repeated a lot.

My blog has been quiet lately because I'm in the middle of a pretty complicated top-secret project! I'm trying very hard to finish it up in the next couple of weeks because I want to get started on my Halloween costume. Once it is done I will of course post photos here, so stay tuned!


Anna Andalasia said...

Thanks for linking to my page! These word clouds are cool.

Cat Carlisle said...

No problem! I almost wish I had another blog just so I could make a different word cloud!

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