Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Office Ypsilanti Bobblehead Movie

Success! The crazy project that's been taking almost all of my spare time for the past ten months (alluded to here) is finally finished. Behold: a 12 minute animated homage to The Office!

Description: The employees of the Ypsilanti, Michigan branch of Dunder Mifflin are forced by their manager to participate in "mandatory fun" - skipping work to visit local attractions like the apple orchard and petting zoo. But when each visit ends worse than the last, would they have been better off staying at the office?

Thanks for watching! In a few weeks I'll do a follow-up post explaining how this film came to be and how it was created. Update 2/28/11: Follow up post is here.


Erika Jean said...

Nice job!! Looks like a lot of work!

Cat Carlisle said...

Thanks! It was quite a bit of work - more than I realized when I decided to do it.

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