Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Brothers Grimm

"The Brothers Grimm" movie is to be released August 26. I haven't heard much about it so far, but the premise sounds good. Two medieval brothers, who make a living by harassing villages with fake demons and then charging to "exorcise" them, find themselves confronted with a real supernatural mystery. It's direct by Terry Gilliam, who has made some strange movies over the years. The only one I can remember watching is "Time Bandits"; as far as I can remember I enjoyed it. I've only found one review of "The Brothers Grimm" and they sounded pretty positive about it (the review is here, on another blog - warning, the rest of the blog may be too liberal for some tastes). I wonder how the blogger was able to see the movie so early. Most big-name reviews aren't released until the day of the movie release.

I'm not sure exactly what I find appealing about "The Brothers Grimm." Maybe I'm just a sucker for fantasy (especially fantasy that doesn't take itself too seriously). Hopefully this movie will be good - I really need it to be, after suffering through such a disappointing summer for movies.

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