Thursday, August 18, 2005

Rock Star: INXS

A few questions: What do you do if you love watching television, but can't afford cable or a satellite? What if you can only pick up one television station with your antenna? What do you do if that one station is CBS, and their programming mostly consists of crime dramas and reality shows? What if you never liked crime dramas or reality shows?

My answer: You watch CBS and learn to enjoy crime dramas and reality shows. Okay, well I still don't like crime dramas that much (too many cheesy lines) but I have started to enjoy reality shows. My favorite at the moment is Rock Star: INXS, in which a group of young rock star hopefuls compete to be the next lead singer of the band INXS. Right now the show is about halfway through its run, and there are only 7 contestants left.

At the beginning of the show, my favorites were Jordis (female, the youngest contestant, with very distinctive dreadlocked hair) and Ty (male, a theater performer with a mohawk). After a few weeks I lost interest in Ty, and started to root for Marty (male, a blonde who sang great but didn't stand out at the beginning) and MiG (male, the only Australian, and who is apparently friends with Brian May from Queen!). Jordis is the only female performer who stands out to me; the others just don't get me excited.

Of my top 3 at the moment (Jordis, Marty, and MiG) I think I want Marty to win the most. I like his his voice and he seems to fit the best with INXS's style of music. Good luck, Marty!

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