Thursday, February 09, 2012

IT Crowd Dolls: Moss, Jen and Roy

Moss, Jen and Roy Dolls
Moss, Jen and Roy from The IT Crowd
Back in January I made a felt doll of Moss from the British sitcom The IT Crowd and now I've made his office mates Jen and Roy. The dolls are "cute" versions of the characters (the geek part of me wants to use the anime terms "chibi" or "super deformed"). I got my husband to use his fancy camera to take a bunch of glamor shots of them for me. Scroll down past the photos for construction information.

Maurice Moss. It's hard to see, but he even has wrinkly socks made out of panty hose.
Jen Barber, with the too-small red shoes she squeezed her feet in to in "Calamity Jen."
Roy Trenneman, who always needs a shave.
I used a very simple method to make these dolls.
How I made the pattern:
  • I started with a blank doll body and sketched the clothes, hair and face on to it by hand.
  • I scanned the drawing in to the computer, cleaned it up and colored it, then used the color drawing as my pattern.
  • I had to do a little bit of adjusting to make the clothes fit over the stuffed body (usually just scaling them up a few percentage points on the computer) and the shoes required their own patterns, which I have included below.
How I sewed the doll:
  • I used a whip stitch for all of the stitches.
  • The fabric was sheets of synthetic felt, available for around thirty cents a sheet from most craft stores.
  • Roy's stubble and the stripes on Moss' shirt were drawn with colored permanent markers.
  • Using the blank doll pattern, I cut out the body from two pieces of felt. I embroidered the face on, attached the eyes then sewed the two pieces together around the edges, leaving the top of the head unsewed. I stuffed the body.
  • I cut out the hair and sewed it to the head, stuffed the head, then sewed everything closed.
  • I cut out the clothes from felt, added any details and sewed them on over the body. They're not removable.
  • I made the shoes using the patterns below. Originally I tried to make the shoes flat like the rest of the clothes, but they didn't look right. After a lot of experimenting I came up with the sneakers and high heels patterns below.
Here are the drawings I used as patterns, the blank body patterns and the shoe patterns.

Moss drawing
Jen drawing
Roy drawing
Blank body - male
Blank body - female
Sneaker pattern (sew together the two sides marked "sew" then sew the sole to the shoe)

High-heeled shoe pattern (sew the toe and the back together, sew the sole to the bottom of the shoe then sew the top of the heel to the bottom of the sole)

I hope to make dolls of two more characters, Douglas and Richmond, at some point, but it is very likely we'll be moving in the next few months so we'll see how soon I get around to it.


Lisa Jayne said...

These are simply the best things I have seen ever, I have a little crush on Moss which my boyfriend teases me about! Anyway, just wanted to say how brilliant they are, you have made my day!

Cat Carlisle said...

Thanks Lisa! I have a tiny crush on Moss too so you are not alone. :)

Sticky Rice said...

oh my lord! These are the most amazing Plushies I ever did see!!! Imma HUGE Fan :3 LOVE <3

Cat Carlisle said...

Thank you. :)

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