Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving in Cloudcroft

Our Thanksgiving trip to Cloudcroft, New Mexico was great.  The only thing missing was the snow (though we did get a tiny bit of sleet one night).  The cabins we stayed in (Spruce Cabins) were cute and eclectically decorated.  For the most part we enjoyed them, but we did discover a few little annoyances.  The issues were mainly with the cabin my parents were staying in - the fireplace didn't draw well so they were constantly having to open doors and windows to get rid of the smoke.  Also, their heater would wake them up all night long by making a loud metallic clang whenever it came on.  The cabin managers had helpfully put a sign next to the heater telling guests not to worry about the loud noise - the heater was not broken.  Maybe it would have been better to actually get rid of the noise than to just acknowledge it with a sign.

I was able to try out my hat, gloves and scarf while on vacation.  They were all very nice, though the hat did not block as much air as I would have liked.  If I make another hat I'll probably use smaller needles to make the holes in it smaller.  My dad liked his scarf too.  I was able to find a small yarn shop in Cloudcroft and the lady working there helped me pick out some yarn for a scarf.

Unfortunately I didn't have as much time to work on the baby blanket as I thought I would.  I made it a little wider than it probably needed to be (52 inches) and I only have 13 inches knitted lengthwise.  It's also taking me longer since I'm having to alternate between knit and purl rows of stitches.  Hopefully I can finish it before my friend has her baby - she's scheduled for a c-section in about two weeks!

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